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Our products

Brine and phosphate preparations

Brine and phosphate preparations

Injection brines are mixtures of appropriately selected functional agents. They are widely used in the meat industry. Currently, they are one of the basic additives of this kind that are used in meat processing plants. Phosphate injection brines are used primarily in the meat injection process and for the preparation of pickling brines. Brines may also contain other types of functional additives depending on their intended use.


Advantages of using our brines

The main advantages of using our brines are:

Correct binding of water entering the product
Appropriate dyeing and color stabilization of the product
  • Increasing the efficiency of meat products
    Strengthening the taste of meat
    Longer product durability
    Increased production economy
    production security
    limitation of leaks
    production repeatability

In what products we use brines?

Brines are primarily used in the production of meat products, including sausages and smoked meats. They are added to ham, pork loin, neck, bacon, raw and steamed smoked meats, medium and coarse minced sausages, block products, culinary meats and delicatessen products.


How to choose the right preparation?

Producers of sausages have a wide range of different types of brine to choose from. Their adaptation should be individual to specific meat products to optimally improve their properties. If you are interested in high-quality brines, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our company's offer.


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